Hebrews (2007)

In Hebrews

What does the book of Hebrews tell us about the role of Christ as our High Priest? What is Jesus doing in the Heavenly Sanctuary? What does it mean, “without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin?” Finally, why did Paul choose to put people like “Gideon” …

Matthew Audio, 2007

In Matthew

Why did God choose to come to earth as a baby? Why did he spend his first night lying in a feeding trough? Why grow up in the worthless town of Nazareth? What does all of this say about God? Matthew, chapters 5-7, is the sermon in which Jesus announces …

Mark Audio, 2007

In Mark

The book of Mark gives some of the most fascinating insights into the great love and emotions of Jesus. From many small details in this book, a wonderful picture emerges of God and of the kingdom he desires to create within each of us.

Daniel (2008)

In Daniel

Part 1 What is the real reason that Daniel and his friends didn’t eat the king’s food? Later, when the king demands that his magicians tell him what he dreamed, we have this spectacular verse: “What your majesty is asking for is so difficult that no one can do it …

Ezekiel (2008)

In Ezekiel

The book of Ezekiel presents a picture of God and a picture of Satan. Why is it important to understand that there is a great universe-wide controversy specifically over the character of God? Also, the phrase “my holy name” is repeated many times in Ezekiel. What does this mean?

Jeremiah & Lamentations (2008)

In Jeremiah, Lamentatians

The essence of the plan of salvation is found within this book. The book of Jeremiah is also one of the most powerful books in the Bible to show how far God is willing to condescend and to serve his rebellious children.

Isaiah (2008)

In Isaiah

Part 1 The book of Isaiah is quoted 21 times in the New Testament. Isaiah saw God in all His glory on His heavenly throne, he saw God in all his humility as he was tortured to death, he saw Satan, he saw heaven and he saw hell. The theology …

Jonah & Amos (2007)

In Jonah, Amos

The book of Jonah is a message of mercy to “the enemy”. This book says incredibly good things about God! The book of Amos presents a dramatic contrast between a rich and “religious people” and a poor society of outcasts. It is a message for our time and culture.

Splitting of the Kingdom

In Kings

During this Bible study we discussed the essence of idolatry that overcame the Kingdom of Israel. Are there any elements of idolatry in Christianity today? We also discussed the ministry of Elijah and Elisha.