2nd Samuel and 1st Chronicles (2008)

In Samuel, Chronicles

These 2 books describe the events that occured during the kingship of David. What made David a man after God’s own heart? Also, in preparation for the book of Psalms, the subject of inspiration was discussed at length. Nathan at first told David that his idea to build a temple …

1st Samuel (2008)

In Samuel, Chronicles

More challenging stories! 70 Israelites die for peeking into the covenant box. Then Uzzah was killed. Was it because he sinned so badly? Why is so much power associated with the covenant box? Then we discussed the sad life of Saul. What went wrong? And finally, did the witch of …

Job Audio, 2007

In Job

The book of Job is one profound book with many different interpretations. What’s the main point? Did Job offend God with his complaints? Was Elihu right in what he said? Many claim that he was a mouthpiece for God. Why did God come to Job in a storm and not …

Deuteronomy (2007)

In Deuteronomy

This book contains the advice of God, through Moses, just as the people are to enter the promised land. It’s an amazing book! But, there is also some unusual advice given. For example, what application can we make of the advice to use the tithe money and to buy even …

Numbers (2007)

In Numbers

There is no question that this is a dark and disturbing book. The people are against Moses. Aaron and Miriam are at times against Moses. Rebellion among the people against God is breaking out left and right. How can a gentle and kind God reach a people like this? {One …

Leviticus (2007)

In Leviticus

The Tabernacle system that God instituted in the wilderness is quite simply a genious masterpiece in the way that it met the people in that time. At the same time, it has a powerful message for us today about the plan of salvation.

Exodus (2007)

In Exodus

Part 1 We first discussed the horrible stories in the last half of Genesis: the multiple deceptive actions of Jacob, Rachel stealing Laban’s household gods (why did she need them?), Reuben sleeping with Jacob’s concubine, polygamy, 2 of Jacob’s sons killing an entire village of men, Judah marrying a Caananite …

Genesis (2007)

In Genesis

Part 1 How should we approach the evolution vs. creation debate? Did God create in 6 literal days or did God use the process of evolution? Why did God put a tree in the garden for Adam and Eve to avoid? But the ultimate question asked of this Bible study …

Bible Introduction (2007)

In Introduction

This lecture is a good place to start for those of you that are new to Godscharacter.com. I would encourage you to continue on from this Bible study and into Genesis, Exodus, etc. Be sure to view the powerpoint slides with the lecture. The video and audio lectures were given …

James (2007)

In James

Paul says that all God asks of us is trust, and he cites Abraham as an example of this. Does james paint a contradictory message when he says this: “How was our ancestor Abraham put right with God? It was through his actions.”