The World as I Find It…

In Cosmic Conflict

We now begin a series looking at meanings, and sometimes lost meanings, of the Sabbath. I trust that the urgency and timeliness of the subject will be apparent from the beginning – that it will not come across as an wild goose chase by people who have nothing important to do. Our first topic will be ‘The World as I Find It.’ I will not be the only one weighing in on that topic. What does the Sabbath offer to the world as we find it?

I consider it a matter of some urgency to share with you a hard copy of the succinct ‘focal images’ that were presented last Sabbath by Roger McQuistan, Melissa Brotton, and Dorothee Cole. Roger showed us persuasively [in this PDF] that we are approaching a tipping point in terms of resources. Melissa spoke [in this PDF] about loving the world, and Dorothee shared her concern [in this PDF] about the need for healing, redemptive communities. I think we all felt that these were not ad hoc statements but deeply felt and carefully thought through convictions. May they bear fruit in our lives and community.

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